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Beryl is a published author. Her debut book A Darker Shade of Pale: a memoir of apartheid South Africa became an Amazon Australia bestseller. Her second book. Behind my Smile: the True Story of an Author, a Broken Spirit and a Healer details her intensive spiritual healing journey with clinical psychologist and energy medicine practitioner, Dr Geoff Lyons.


Beryl is the Executive Producer of Healing from the Shadows – a Documentary.


Event creation and production. Scriptwriting, songwriter and organiser extraordinaire.


A dreamer, and a goal focused creator. Beryl has a wealth of project experience. She can often be found at her desk creating a project on a whim and then working hard to achieve it.


Born and raised on a political diet, Beryl’s keen interest in equality for all is the driver behind her work in a NSW political office. When she is not doing all these projects, Beryl can be found working in a NSW political office.

Let’s create something together.