Photo credit Patrick Cummings Photography

Beryl Crosher-Segers is the author of A Darker Shade of Pale, a South African bestselling memoir about life during apartheid. In her writing debut she tells the story of her determination to rise above her earlier life of inequality and injustice.

Beryl and her husband moved to Australia in the 1980s in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

Through a long held love of the arts, she established One World Community Arts Network, a community project celebrating cultural diversity through music. In 2002, her commiment to previously disadvantaged artists from her birth town led her to starting her own events company, C Major Events. Beryl’s experience is in administration in government. She is also impassioned by fundraising.

A highly regarded community representative, her awards include the Celebrate Africa-Australian Captain’s Award for service to the South African Community and a Jo Wilton Memorial Women’s Award, a human rights award from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Beryl is currently completing postgraduate studies in creative writing and is writing her third book. She lives in Sydney, on the east coast of Australia, with her husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

She is available for bookings for presentations, workshops, live events, conferences, gatherings and book-signings.