How I beat the post festive season blues.

Eleven months to go till Christmas

After a 4 week break I attended my first 2020 Pilates class. Ben Marinozzi, the instructor, also my physio, had already started the class by the time I rushed through the door, at 8.34 am.

My mat and equipment beckoned my lagging spirit.

‘We’ve just started,’ he said, flashing a smile as he gripped both his feet and demonstrated the stretch that usually sends my pelvis into revolt.

‘Your 1st workout will be weak,’ I encouraged myself, ‘but your 100th will be strong.’

Focused on my body movements, sweat dripping and smoke oozing out of my pores, I continued to complete as many reps as I could.

‘$&@$,’ whispered the person next to me as Ben demonstrated the next exercise.

Stretched out on my back I attempted the leg raises. They seemed easy enough. Soon it felt as if the ceiling had lowered and in a swift move it crushed my thighs. What happened to my pelvic tilt? I’m sure that I’m thrusting.

In my 29 year old mind, I continued the reps but actually my age appropriate body had stopped the leg lifts after the first rep.

Why was I sweating and pushing myself? It’s just gone one month since Christmas and still eleven months to go till next Christmas. Plenty of time to increase my reps.

‘Bend your knees and try it from that position,’ Ben encouraged. He was clearly not giving up.

‘Sixty seconds to go,’ he shouted, ‘You are doing well.’

Just two more reps, I thought, and that’s it.

‘F&$@$,’ muttered the other person.

‘Now, take the hand weight and slouch back slightly,’ he demonstrated with such ease.

In that moment, I felt a rush of adrenaline to complete the reps. Gripping the weight, knees bent, I leaned back in readiness for the count.

I felt my pelvic floor touch the lowered ceiling hovering over my body. A surge of power cursed through my body to raise it back up to the rafters.

I can do this, I mentally pushed myself while Ben walked around checking our technique. Is he even counting?

‘You said thirty seconds ages ago,’ I groaned.

‘f$&@$,’ muttered the voice next to me.

‘And now, lets stretch your muscles,’ Ben finally said, clearly aware that I could no longer speak.

‘Eleven months,’ I thought. No need to push too hard.

At the end, hoping to get up off the floor in one swift move, I watched as Ben casually packed up the equipment. Eventually I was able to scrape together bits of my pelvic floor and move to a kneeling position before attempting to get up.

Now I’m setting my goal to increase my reps. It can and will be done.

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