Kindness and actions

It’s not enough to have kind thoughts only. Thoughts must be followed up with actions. Because I published A Darker Shade of Pale, people ask me about racism. One of the most effective cures for racism is showing kindness through action. I grew up in a time when our oppressors were kind in a condescending way. They smiled, many acted politely and really seemed genuine. But what happened to that kindness when they went to the voting booth? That moment when the kindness had to turn into action, it became an unkind political action against the majority of people. It increased trauma, hardship, insecurity, fear, deprivation and isolation.

So being kind to people without the right action is USELESS. Get it? Unless you can back it up with kind actions don’t waste your energy. Either learn how to go beyond smiling and being really sweet to just owning up publicly that you are a racist.

We need everyone or the majority of those who are in positions of privilege to remember that kindness is the catalyst to building a better world. We can start in our own homes, our street, neighbourhood and suburb.

When next we go to the voting booth, let’s think if our kindness will lead to less trauma and hardship for everyone. We must remain vigilant to eradicate injustice and continue to oppose laws and attitudes that impact on the weak in our society. Mental health, people living with disabilities, domestic violence, and our environment; deserve our kind actions. Let’s be compassionate but let’s be fierce and steadfast in our commitment to leave this world in good shape.

People who have been exposed to social injustice and who carry that pain, find it hard to recover through regular trauma therapy. Personally, I want those issues that caused my trauma to never be repeated. For many it is hard to recover from the trauma of social injustice.

So I am looking for real kindness from those who carry the other side of injustice. I want that. I deserve it. I hope to recover from my trauma and to continue to spread kind actions.

Don’t fight for a better world without retribution for the past. They go hand in hand. Together we are stronger.

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