I am an author

Saturday 3 February 2018 at 4.00 am, I woke up to the news that my book had been uploaded to online bookstores for pre sales. In the glow of my bedside lamp, I read the message. I clicked the link and there was my name, author of A Darker Shade of Pale; a memoir of apartheid South Africa.

Not wanting to wake Chris, I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to turn on the kettle.

In the silence the realisation clicked in. I am an author.

The years of dreaming, writing, rewriting, talking about it, seeking advice from professionals and just muddling along have now amounted to something. I finally have a fully written and edited book.

As dawn broke over Sydney, NSW that morning, my heart soared. I thought of my father and my siblings who have left this earth. I wished that I could share this moment with them. But I know they are with me and are cheering me on.

I would share the news with Chris, Mum, my children and other siblings later that day.

My coffee tasted good. The silence was good. I am an author.

front and back cover

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