Why do I write?

Writing forms such an important part of my life. I grew up with stories and storytelling long before the era of television. My storytellers were my teachers and books from the local library. My first teacher in primary school, Mrs Williams, was a joy to listen to. Her voice assumed the character and she took us on a journey with her through every page. She inspired me to read. I loved to write and created my own stories from a very young age; always with the passion and burning desire to write a book one day. Well, I finally took the plunge, left my full-time job and turned to writing. The road wasn’t an easy one. I faced many obstacles and more moments of utter despair than I would care to mention.

But here I am today, through support from family and friends, sheer determination , an editor who came straight from heaven; by the grace of God I survived this journey to publication.

When I started writing my memoir, A Darker Shade of Pale, I wanted to leave our future generations with information of their heritage. My whole family, except for one niece, left South Africa to start a new life in Australia. I realised that our children won’t have aunties and uncles or neighbours to tell them about their family. We are the pioneers of our family branch here in this country, and they needed a resource that could give them the answers about where there ancestors came from.

My mother has been blessed with a long life, but at 87 we know her time here on earth is getting shorter. Surrounded by 3 generations of her family, her determination to raise us through tough times in apartheid South Africa must be told and recorded. Our future generations must know this.

A Darker Shade of Pale will be available world-wide at online stores and selected bookstores from 17 April 2018.

3 thoughts on “Why do I write?”

  1. Great read Beryl.
    I have been thinking I would like to write me memoirs for the very same reason. To give my girls some insight to my childhood and their Danish heritage. But first I need o get my novel edited and published, then I might consider memoir writing 😊

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